We seek an improved roads infrastructure throughout Cornwall. We supported the A30 between Temple and Higher Carblake on Bodmin Moor. We support calls to dual the A30 between Carland Cross and Chiverton Cross to improve the link to West Cornwall. We would back the widening of sections of the Atlantic Highway in North Cornwall along the A39. We seek affordable fares on our public travel, the rail network needs to be protected and we would support a rail link between Bodmin and Wadebridge. Bus services need to be provided in areas where there is no other form of transport. We back the ferry link to our neighbours on the Isles of Scilly. The helicopter service from Penzance was a vital link and must be re-instated. Cycling should be encouraged and new road schemes should include cycle lanes. We back Newquay Airport as a vital link to the outside world.

We encourage the use of alternative energy such as wind power and solar power. Wind turbines on-shore or off-shore need to be positioned sensibly for all concerned, this has to be the way forward in energy production. We supported the wave hub off St.Ives and hope this method can be developed around the coast of Britain. We encourage all new housing and office buildings to include solar panels to cut down the use of electricity and other fuels.

We recognise the housing crisis in Cornwall and call on Cornwall Council to work with private landlords to fill empty properties. We encourage affordable rents with housing associations and Landlords. We understand that many properties are second homes and this can only change with government legislation fully recognising the problems this causes. We sympathise with those who struggle to get a home to live in. Tenants who cause anti-social behaviour should be dealt with as they can ruin the lives of their community, others would apprieciate that home. Those on the property ladder should be assisted as not to lose their homes.


We support town centres and local traders as the lifeline of our communities. We see the growth of outer town shopping centres as a natural living change, however we need to bring vitality to our towns, there should be free car parks in some areas and lower parking tariffs in town centres to bring the public back. Scrapping parking charges would see car parks used to capacity but may also lead to other problems like abandoned vehicles. Car Park provision is a priority with the growth of the tourism industry and we encourage debate between Council’s, traders, residents and private car park operators.

We want safe, clean neighbourhoods, we encourage more police visibility on our streets to make the public feel safe. The police need to be accessible and we want Police Constables in each Cornish Parish. We seek a police service and Court System for Cornwall only. We believe a prison should be built in the Bodmin area to house Cornwall’s criminals.

We seek 24hr manned fire stations in highly populated Cornish towns such as Falmouth, Camborne, Penzance, Truro, St.Austell, Bodmin, Newquay, Bude, Torpoint. This may be achievable through more retained firefighters.

We want Treliske Hospital used as a major hospital providing services across the spectrum of illnesses. We call for increased health provisions at Bodmin and Penzance Hospitals. Hospitals need to be clean and hygienic and those using them need to be cared for in the best possible way.

We believe that local leisure centres are vital to everyone’s health & fitness and we encourage the public to use them.


We urge all employers to pay a fare wage across the board, the cost of living affects everyone and people need a good quality of life. Pay should reflect the job done, excessive pay should be reduced. We encourage employment to suit the needs of an individual or their families, whether it is 1hr or 8 hrs a day.

We encourage the government to introduce a Cornish National Curriculum which will cover the Celtic history, heritage and culture, language and identity of Cornwall and the Cornish.


We campaign to preserve the Celtic culture and history of our land. We would like to see all conservation and preservation works currently undertaken by bodies such as Natural England, English Heritage and the National Trust transferred to Cornish Heritage bodies. We support the work of the St.Piran Trust in its efforts to uncover St.Piran’s Oratory. We are proud of our Cornish identity and this should be promoted as much as possible. Cornish people should be able to talk about their national identity without being discriminated against by those who do not recognise the existence of Cornish people.

We thank those who organise St.Piran’s Day celebrations throughout Cornwall and around the world. This is Cornwall’s National Saints Day. We value the support from schools who participate in sending children to take part in the celebrations and understand that events on this day are a success due to children participation. We encourage debate between Schools, Councils, Traders and the general public about this day becoming a celebrated annual Cornish event without the day becoming a Public Holiday.

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